The story of tomorrow's sustainable,
inclusive and resilient cities

About us

Our vision

The transformation of cities to more sustainable and inclusive models will only take place if the transformation is systemic and embraced at 3 levels: environmental, societal and digital.

This transition will require a strong knowledge and concrete solutions, collaboration amongst stakeholders at the international level, and constant innovation.


Our mission

  • Urban Chronicles provides clarity on key topics concerning the city of tomorrow and enables citizens and those who shape the city to inspire and be inspired.
  • Urban Chronicles decrypts complex subjects to understand the challenges involved in the transition for a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient city.
  • Urban Chronicles connects city stakeholders, by creating a place for dialogue, to foster decision making, action and co-creation of the city of tomorrow.


Our added value

The exploration of the city of tomorrow through:

A collaborative and reliable media.

The exchange and discussion to take concrete measures. 

Collaborative and reliable media

  • The content published on Urban Chronicles by Green Soluce is reliable: to understand the city of tomorrow, accurate and relevant information is essential.
  • The content is collaborative. Different users (individuals or organisations) are invited, and encouraged, to share content on the platform: users can post and comment, Urban Planners can share content, and Urban Reporters can express their vision of the city.
  • The content quality on Urban Chronicles is guaranteed by Green Soluce, leading experts, through a review of collaborative publications.

The exchange and discussion

  • Urban Chronicles is set to be a media platform and a central forum for the community of decision-makers of the city of tomorrow.
  • The discussions on this platform should offer value for the participants, challenge ideas, provide feedback, and foster new projects and business actions.
  • This network brings together business managers, decision-makers, residents, property owners, builders, and other city players… to reflect on the shift towards a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable city.

Urban Profiles

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