For this urban notebook dedicated to the new SRI (socially responsible investment) label for real estate, the Urban Chronicles team offers you to rediscover the point of view of 3 important actors of the real estate market that we interviewed last April:

  • Daniel While, Head of Research and Strategy and Guillaume Regert, Head of Technical Asset Management, Primonial REIM;
  • Anne-Claire Barberi, Head of CSR and Innovation at PERIAL;
  • Vincent Mahé, President of AMPERE Gestion and Secretary General of CDC Habitat.
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Anne-Claire_Barberi Perial
Vincent Mahé cdc-habitat_logo

The articles of this urban notebook will introduce you to the answers of these 3 players to each of the following questions about the new SRI label:

Question 1: The SRI label for real estate is long overdue, why is it important for the market?

First, let’s see how the arrival of the SRI real estate label is perceived by each of the 3 actors questioned, and the reasons why it is important.

Question 2: What are your expectations from this label? 

Then, we invite you to look over the expectations of each of the 3 players interviewed regarding the real estate SRI label on the eve of its release.

Question 3: Concrete actions to anticipate and develop 

After these general and prospective visions about the SRI label, we propose you to look at more concrete perspectives. The following article will show you how the players how the actors have anticipated the release of the label and what are the tools they think should be developed.

To know more about the subject of the real estate SRI label, we invite you to register to the next webinar organized by Green Soluce: “Real estate SRI label: how not to miss the social shift? ».

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